Emilie De Vlam

Emilie de Vlam is trained as an antropologist at the University of Ghent (B) and postgraduated at the University of St Andrews (GB). She was a student at the Higher Institute for Dance in Lier (B). She received grants from Europalia Japan to study Butoh and Eurithmy in Tokyo (J), with Akira Kasai and worked and studied with Min Tanaka, Masaki Iwana. Her work is based on Body Weather. She gives workshops at the Waldorf School. She has her own association MA for productions, trainings, research.

Bart Gabriel

Bart Gabriel is a photographer. He has been trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Art, Gent (B). He continued his studies with a grant at the Nottingham Trent University, conceptual art course. He now (co-)leads the social-artistic photoclub ‘Fixatief’ in Gent, part of the cultural centre ‘De Vieze Gasten’. He has been collaborating in a few staged dancetheatreperformances. He made several documentary trips to Russia, Albania, Roemenia.